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J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam develops School Newspaper Project for Persgroep Media

Written by J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam on September 7 2015 - 2 min read

The School Newspaper Project is a digital platform for kids in elementary school, which they can use to create a top school newspaper.

The platform provides a range of short how-to videos, animations and written instructions from the top journalists of the Netherlands, explaining the five cornerstones of newspaper journalism: finding news, conducting interviews, photography, writing and designing. In addition to the explanation, the kids are also given a range of assignments to practice with these subjects. And through the platform they are also able to put together and print the physical newspaper themselves.

The School Newspaper Project is an initiative of, and was developed by, JWT Amsterdam, for its client De Persgroep. De Persgroep will provide the platform to all schools in the Netherlands for free. Schools can register at

"Almost every journalist first got started at a school newspaper. For this reason alone, this project is close to our heart. We are keen to share our knowledge and expertise with the schools of the Netherlands."  

 — Erik Roddenhof, Commercial Director of De Persgroep

"The School Newspaper project is much more than just a learning tool to create a school newspaper. Kids are stimulated to engage with language and the formulation of their opinions, in a playful way. More relevant today than ever before. And a great fit with the quality titles of De Persgroep."

 — Bas Korsten, Executive Creative Director JWT Amsterdam

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  • J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam

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