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KITKAT gives Holland its biggest break ever

Written by J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam on October 20 2014 - 2 min read

Today KITKAT, Nestlé’s largest chocolate brand, announces its first-ever NATIONWIDE break. This unique break is part of the introduction of the KITKAT CHUNKY DOUBLE Caramel. The new chocolate bar variety features two different caramel fillings: one half-filled with crunchy caramel and the other half with creamy caramel. This unique KITKAT deserves a double break. An epic break. Not just a break for one person, but a break for an entire country. Yes KITKAT is giving the whole of Holland a break. A break from the man who’s in the media 24/7. A break from…Gordon.

KITKAT is sending Gordon, one of Holland’s most talked-about and high profile celebrities, to a desert island. Totally cut-off from the outside world without any means of communication. KITKAT developed to challenge the public to decide how far and for how long Gordon will be sent away. Give Holland A Break is centered around an online platform that features an interactive game that sees Gordon resting on one side of a seesaw. Overhead there is a floating KITKAT CHUNKY DOUBLE caramel that tempts visitors to drop it on the opposite side of the seesaw to send Gordon towards a far away island. Will Gordon be sent to Bishop Rock off the Isles of Scilly or somewhere in the far reaches of the inhospitable Atlantic Ocean?

“We at KITKAT want to give people the ultimate break and we’re confident this unique campaign will deliver. We’re also big Gordon fans and really excited that he’s agreed to accept this challenge. This is an epic break never before experienced for the whole of Holland."

"When KITKAT approached me with this challenge I immediately thought, 'Wow, of course I'm up for this!' I think the idea is hilarious and I'm curious to see where Holland is going to send me, and more importantly, if they can really make it happen. Also I would love a break myself, so it’s a win-win for all. A true double-break! Holland is happy, and I am too."
- Gordon 

Well, let’s see about that. Website voting starts today, the 20th of October, and ends on the 25th when the island destination is announced. Apart from sending him to a desert island, the break from Gordon will be completed with a total TV, radio and print silence. Gordon content will be blocked from Google and social media. Yes, it’s a proper Gordon-free period.

For the Gordon fans that can’t live without him for a few days, there will be a hidden live-stream camera planted on the island. But who would want to ‘unbreak’ this epic break? Be a part of it, get voting Holland!

The campaign centers on the online platform ( and is supported by TV, radio, additional online elements and social media. The campaign was developed by JWT Amsterdam, the KitKat NL agency of record.

Written by
  • J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam

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