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New Het Parool outgrows Amsterdam

Written by J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam on February 10 2016 - 3 min read

The new positioning and campaign created by J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam positions the completely renewed newspaper as ‘The Netherlands’ capital newspaper’

Dutch newspaper Het Parool was established in1941 as a resistance newspaper during the Second World War. Through the years it had lost some of its rebellious nature. That’s why over the past year a tremendous amount of work has been put into developing a completely new newspaper that succeeds in combining international flair with Amsterdam chutzpah. Not only the logo and design have been completely revamped, the newspaper’s content and editorial team have also undergone a transformation in terms of the depth and breadth of coverage. For example, the editorial team now has access to articles from leading publications including The New York Times and The Guardian. The website and app have also been given a total makeover.

The typographical campaign positions Het Parool as ‘The Netherlands’ capital paper’. The series featuring more than thirty different advertisements consists of humorous, sharp-witted and sometimes even critical headlines that shed light on the new newspaper, current affairs or specific locations and events. The advertisements will be run on all of Amsterdam’s wealth of advertising media and will be ‘wild beamed’ on prominent buildings throughout the city. National media will also be deployed in the form of radio and TV commercials and online advertisements. The new Het Parool will even be advertised outside the Netherlands – on a huge billboard on Times Square in the heart of ‘New Amsterdam’.

The advertisements have been designed entirely in black-and-white and consequently evoke a real newspaper feeling. Alternating black advertisements with white typography and vice versa makes the campaign stand out even more in the streetscape.

The campaign will launch on 10 February 2016 on the same day as the introduction of the new Het Parool.

Written by
  • J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam

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