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And they’re gone.
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Blink. And they’re gone.

In a joint effort with Jimmy Nelson and JWT India, we launched a bid to preserve cultural diversity.

  • Jimmy Nelson

  • Campaign

  • Photography

  • Dec 2018


In a more closely interconnected, multicultural and globalized world we are smoothing out the rough edges that make our species so unique. The cultural identities of indigenous people across the globe are at risk of being erased at the hands of a fast paced, internet fueled, modern world. How to preserve our precious cultural diversity?


Photographic artist Jimmy Nelson believes that the preservation of indigenous cultures is an important issue for the soul of all of humanity. To know who we are and where we come from becomes increasingly important as we blur the lines between humanity, technology, past and present.

Creative Solution

In a joint effort with JWT India, we launched a bid to preserve cultural diversity with a strong message: ‘BLINK. AND THEY’RE GONE’. In this film we show an overwhelming variety of tribes from across the globe, at an increasingly faster pace as the film progresses. This symbolizes how many tribes will disappear from this earth in just the blink of an eye.

The film is the first episode of a wider campaign in 2019, which will see Jimmy Nelson work with J. Walter Thompson to raise awareness of indigenous cultures - and to foster pride and respect for their irreplaceable traditions. Join our fight to preserve cultural identity at

Inspiring Growth

JWT and Nelson’s mission is to use technology – the very thing that is threatening the cultural diversity of the world – for good, to promote understanding and deeper insights across different cultures. The ‘BLINK. AND THEY’RE GONE’ campaign generated a lot media attention, which helped increase the visibility of indigenous people. The Blink Test created by J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam & JWT India has been shortlisted 13 times at Cannes Lions and has won a Bronze Lion in Industry Craft. As well as 1x Gold Pencil, 2x Silver Pencils and 2x Bronze Pencils at The One Show. 

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