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Born Healthy Foundation

The fine line between the greatest happiness and the deepest sorrow.
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Born Healthy Foundation

Becoming a parent is the most wonderful experience in life. Unfortunately, too many babies die each day as the result of premature birth or labour complications, causing anticipated happiness to turn into immense sorrow.

Born Healthy Foundation is a foundation dedicated to funding scientific research. In order for our fundraising efforts to be successful, we need to raise awareness about this issue and about our work. 

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  • Feb 2016



To put Born Healthy Foundation on the map, we’ve made four commercials – one for television and the other three for radio. The commercials show that there’s a fine line separating the greatest happiness and the deepest sorrow. The adverts take you on a journey from the joy and gratitude of a birth announcement to a heart-wrenching obituary.

Radio Commercial 'Amy'


Radio Commercial 'Ellen'


Radio Commercial 'Steven'



To drive engagement, we also developed a social activation. Facebook is flooded with cute photos of healthy babies. These healthy babies will be our new ambassadors. They’ll attract attention to our cause through their parents’ social media, encouraging their friends to donate as well.

Every ambassador receives his/her own personal webpage, where they draw attention to the problem.

Visitors can share the page or, better still, donate to the cause.

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