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TV - Film

Glance Back

The return of BMW pride.
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TV - Film

Glance Back

A tv commercial that’s based on a simple, unavoidable human insight. And which translates into a through-the-line campaign across all BMW models.

Bring back the awesome brand that BMW is after years of promotional focus. Because you don’t drive a BMW for its discount.

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  • TV - Film

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  • Mar 2015



Driving pleasure, pride of ownership and design. It all comes together in a tiny moment that every BMW driver recognizes: the glance back.

‘When was the last time you glanced back?’ That’s the question that plays a central role in this campaign to launch the 4 Series Gran Coupe and to highlight the existing BMW Series. It kicked off with a tv-commercial and was translated into everything from mailers to dealer materials. All that, from a basic insight that lasts less than a second…

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