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Opel - Jade

Experimental recruitment campaign
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Opel launch experimental recruitment campaign to attract more female car salespeople


  • Opel

  • Campaign

  • Autobranche

  • Mar 2018


Women purchase 50% of all cars sold, yet only 4% of Opel dealership salespeople were female. How could Opel break the automotive industry mold and promote the position of women?


A recent Opel survey revealed a persistent bias with regards to the car sales profession. The majority of people surveyed, including women, described it as a typical job for men. But perhaps it’s not the job itself that’s the problem. Perhaps it’s how the job is presented and viewed?

Creative Solution

We created an experimental recruitment campaign for a seemingly new company: Jade. We then placed job ads in a newspaper for two different companies: Jade and Opel. However, both ads featured the exact same job description. 

The results were shocking. Jade received over 40 female candidates, while men almost exclusively applied for a job with Opel.

We then created a real Jade office, set up a real interview and took in female applicants for the job. Each one was qualified enough for the position, so when we revealed the true nature of the job their reactions were very telling. 

Inspiring Growth

The campaign was a big success.The story was picked up by all major Dutch news outlets. As a result, Opel reached a potential audience of 30 million people and the video of the reveal was watched over 1.2 million times.

Opel filled 14 open vacancies in an instant and by the end of 2018 one of the top performing Opel salesmen was a woman. 

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