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Online Film

Google this!

ElaN Languages beats the Goliath of online translations.
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Online Film

Taste the Translation

How a simple dinner date between a Japanese designer and a junior art-director resulted in a multi-award winning campaign. Enjoy!

ElaN Languages has a great online translation tool. Unfortunately nobody knows about it, because everybody (yes, everybody) uses Google Translate. And that’s unfortunate for everyone, because ElaN’s translations are of a much higher quality.

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  • Mar 2015



Taste the translation. Or, let me translate that: put both online tools to the test by translating a Japanese sushi recipe and cooking both translated recipes. Add some innocent passers-by et voilà: a great film that shows how this little David can beat Goliath any day of the week.

We seeded the film online and used ElaN’s social media to spread the word. Furthermore, we made an e-DM and sent that to a huge number of prospects.

"私はそれは素晴らしいアイデアだと思います!" Johan Noël | business development director | management team lead | ElaN Languages
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