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Man becomes instore material

Unusual spokesperson chooses Media Markt.
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The Man in the Media Markt

Ok, it sounds a bit odd: man gets trapped in Media Markt and decides he never wants to leave. But it’s the basis of a successful campaign that gives the retail brand a fresh new perspective. And us a big idea that keeps on giving.

How do we reposition this retail brand that people know for its shouty character and give it a place in people’s hearts and minds? And how do we give people more reasons to come to us beyond promotions and low prices? Because you can never beat the internet on that…

  • Media Markt

  • Crossmedia

  • Consumer Goods

  • Feb 2014



Glorify the stores as experience centers.

We let a man that supposedly was closed in after his MediaMarkt closed down, decide that he wanted to live in the MediaMarkt forever. Becoming a spokesperson for the campaign that is in the store 24/7.



Every execution shows our man and his adventures in the MediaMarkt he lives in. Interacting with the staff and the consumers. Allowing him to tell all the stories we want told, all inside the place we want to make big again: the store.

After the start of the campaign the market share rose with 15.8% in a market that shrunk 0.8%. Furthermore, important attributes like ‘good value’ and ‘experience’ rose with 25.7% and 9.1%.



Security Camera

Why you never overpay

Night at the Media Markt

“That’s my fried rice!!!” The man in the MediaMarkt (after a client bought the microwave he was using)
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