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Online film & Cinema

The Rain Project

An ode to the never-ending source of Spa mineral water
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Online film & Cinema

The Rain Project

Finding an attention-grabbing way to tell the story of rain becoming one of Europe’s purest mineral waters.

As an ode to the never-ending source of Spa water, we built an
installation that turns drops of rain into beautiful sounds, lights and projections,
against the spectacular backdrop of the nature reserve Spa.

  • Spa

  • Online film & Cinema

  • Consumer Goods

  • Mar 2016



Spa’s natural mineral water springs from a pristine slice of nature close to the Belgian town of Spa in the heart of the Ardennes. In this area, soil and nature work together to transform every drop of rain into some of Europe’s purest mineral water.

As an ode to this never-ending process, we created The Rain Project, a 2-minute short film that shows drops of rain becoming beautiful sounds and projections, projected onto nature in Spa.


How we did it

Go behind the scenes in this supporting content we released together with the hero content.


The Sound of Rain

For the Rain Project, we wanted the rain to be the composer of the music. To achieve this, we placed water-sensitive triggers in the area of Spa. This way we were able to record exactly how the rain fell. Check out this casefilm that zooms in on the sound of the Rain Project.

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