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the unbias button

A new translation feature for a gender-balanced world.
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the unbias button

A new translation feature for a gender-balanced world.

  • ElaN Languages

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  • Mar 2019


Words matter. The way we speak shapes thoughts, opinions and even actions. Today, many gendered titles remain common across society and industries, despite the availability of gender-neutral options such as firefighter, police officer or chairperson. How could we help more people embrace a gender-neutral vocabulary?


The way language is used can change outcomes, if for example a job description is inherently masculine sounding that might discourage women from applying. Fireman. Mailman. Salesman. Cameraman. No matter the origin of the word, the modern context creates a masculine skewed marketplace of jobs that many women want but feel they can’t pursue. With International Women’s Day coming up, we felt like it was the right time to change the way language is translated.

Creative Solution

Together with ELaN Languages we tackled this bias by updating their online translation tool with a new feature: The Unbias Button. A new translation feature for a gender balanced world. It offers unbiased translations of biased words for an equal and level playing field where everyone has the same opportunities.

Inspiring Growth

To inspire change throughout the translation business, ELaN made this extensive database of gender-neutral words available to the giants of this industry, such as Google Translate, iTranslate and Yandex Translate. This effort didn’t go unnoticed with ELaN Languages’ competitors and international press. The film got picked up immediately by major publishers like Adweek, The Stable, AdAge, the Chinese and LSN Global.

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